CPU-Z for Windows ARM64 updated with new SOCs and benchmark

Less than one month after the first release, CPU-Z for Windows ARM64 was updated to support a lot of new SOCs, such as Qualcomm Snapdragon 808, 810, 845, 855, 860, as well as several Broadcom and Rockchip models.
In addtion, the benchmark tab was added, based on the same benchmark used in the x64 version (but of course compiled for ARM64).

This update was made possible thanks to Stas'M and the Windows on R discord server who sent us lots of reports, helped in debugging, and tested over and over until the program worked as expected.

Please check the CPU-Z for Windows ARM64 page for more information and a download link.

2024, CPU-Z for Windows ARM64

We're happy to present today the first ARM64 native version of CPU-Z, aimed to run on Windows ARM64. This software is following the HWMonitor version for that operating system..In comparison to the x86/x64 version, the interface was slightly modified to report the ARM SoC information as clearly as possible. Some features are still missing, but we are currently working on adding them. So please stay tuned to the CPU-Z for ARM64 dedicated page and check for updates.

Happy New Year 2024 !


2022 was a very rich year for PC hardware, with Intel 13th gen CPUs and ARC GPUs, AMD 7000 CPUs and 7900 GPUs, and NVIDIA RTX 4000 GPUs, to mention the most notable ones. As a result, no less than 5 versions of CPU-Z were released within the year, that is more than the two previous years.
2023 starts well with a new version released a couple of days ago, that may mean a lot of versions this year, if the hardware news require it.

We wish you a very Happy New Year 2023 !

CPU-Z 2.01 and Glenfly Arise GT10C0 GPU.

CPU-Z version 2.01 has been released. This version adds the support of the Glenfly Arise-GT10C0 GPU. Hatched from Zhaoxin, Glenfly is an independant company that designed the Arise GPU and proposes it on its own PCIe video cards. The GT10C0 GPU is manufactured with a 28 nm process, and works with 2 GBytes of DDR4 memory.

Please visit the CPU-Z page to get your copy of the classic versions 2.01. Custom versions are on their way.

2022, CPU-Z 1.99

New year, new release of CPU-Z, and that one is a bit special because it is the 99th revision of the software, that does not make us younger.
2021 was an interesting year for the x86 processors architecture, especially with the Intel hybrid technology that gave us hard time to report into CPU-Z.
2022 promises to be interesting too, and we'll be there to handle all of the new features in our software. But not only new hardware, because we're still very involved in the vintage versions in order to support legacy x86 systems, and this year may introduce another declination of CPU-Z for (very) old systems.

Anyway, please visit the CPU-Z page to get your copy of the versions 1.99, the classic and the custom ones.

We wish you a very Happy New Year 2022 !